Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

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Steven R. Johnson,

1015 N. 10th St. 
Milwaukee, WI 53205-0740
(414) 212-3535
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Purpose Statement

The purpose of Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) is to protect the public through the detention of adult offenders in a safe and secure institution.  MSDF is committed to the successful reintegration of offenders to the community, focusing on accountability, programming, and a high level of collaboration with community partners. 

MSDF strives to promote an atmosphere of high standards for staff recruitment, retention, development and professionalism and encourages shared leadership and responsibility among all staff.  Staff shall adhere to the highest ethical standards and work as a team to succeed.  Staff, inmates, and the public will be treated with dignity and respect, and with recognition given to individual ideas and opinions. 

Institution Information

MSDF is a medium-security correctional facility located in downtown Milwaukee.  The facility opened its doors to inmates on October 8, 2001, and initially housed only Division of Community Corrections (DCC) inmates who had violated their community supervision.  In December of 2001, MSDF became a Division of Adult Institutions (DAI) facility and began housing DAI inmates on December 14th.  Although it is an adult institution, MSDF functions in a similar manner to that of a jail operation.  Unlike other DOC institutions, MSDF accepts offenders 24-hours-a-day, and has an intake booking/objective classification process closely resembling that of a county jail.

MSDF continues to house offenders on DCC probation and parole holds, pending investigation of the alleged violation.  During this time, offenders can be placed into Alternatives to Revocation (ATR) programming and/or appropriate treatment.  Following this placement, some offenders may return to the community, while others may have their probation/parole revoked and sentenced to a period of confinement. 
The facility has a capacity of 1,040 offenders, with beds the majority of beds designated for adult males (42 beds for females).   The average stay for offenders in ATR programming is from 60-90 days.  Additionally, MSDF houses DAI inmates who are releasing to the Milwaukee area and who are within a year of release, as well as inmates from nearby correctional centers who are placed in Temporary Lockup status.

The uniqueness of MSDF has attracted interest from across the country.  There are very few high-rise detention facilities nationwide. Those that exist typically do not provide the programming and collaboration with the community that MSDF does; something that the DOC feels is an important component to offender change and public safety.